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New Ingredients! Can't get any better than this!!! Looking to clean, tighten and detox your skin then here you go!!! So natural you can eat it (my 1st choice as a lip scrub). We start by hand grinding fresh Blue Groove Coffee which not only wakes up those senses, but assist in cellulite, stretch marks and tightening of your skin with high amount of Vitamin B2 and B3 and B5.   Our local Honey is a booster too, with its biggest benefits being brightening, polishing, lightening of scars, reduce inflammation and is also an anti-bacterial that can help with acne. And of course can't forget Shea Butter – also a solid anti-inflammatory that can condition and tone your skin.  All are great for moisturizing, toning and adding an overall glow to your skin.

Coffee & Honey Scrub 🍯 with Shea Butter

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